A school peon essay

Ganga ram is the peon of our school he is about forty-year-old he wears a ' khaki' uniform when on duty he is always happy he lives in a. The school peon every office or institution has a peon his service for office is necessary his works have a different importance i have seen.

This is a sample essay about my first day at school i got up early in the peon led us to the room where i found the teachers round a long table my tutor gave.

The ringing of a school bell is a signal that tells a school's students when it is time to go to class in the morning or afternoon and when it is time to change classes.

A school peon essay

a school peon essay The name of my school peon is r r singh he is thirty- eight years old he is tall  and healthy he comes from a small village in bihar.
A school peon essay
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